Monday, July 6, 2009

Chapter 3 - Our first date

His Version :

was returning home from my night duty in camp in the morning.. really looking forward to meeting her after our chats in msn, phone calls and smses. finally, we are meeting. :) we arranged to meet at somerset station at 1pm.

as usual, i wore polo t-shirt and jeans, wondering what she will wear and i wonder how i can engage her in conversations later so that she will feel comfortable :)

As I was the one who booked the tickets, i went down to cineleisure 45mins earlier to collect the tickets so that we won't need to queue up later on. After collecting the tickets, i still have 30mins to spare before our meeting time. I was lazy to walk around so decided to wait for her at somerset station and listened to my mp3. While waiting, i was thinking of what i can do to liven up the atmosphere later on so that she won't feel shy and there won't be any awkward silence.

Surprisingly, at 1pm sharp, she arrived and i could recognise her easily.. wow, she look gorgeous with her simple wear and i am impressed with girls who look great without much make-up and dressed simply.. :) (she is just that beautiful). Told her that I had already collected the tickets and as the movie is at 2.30pm, we went for drinks at coffeebean @ Paragon (my Fav place). :)

Although we are meeting for the first time, we seemed to be able to talk to each other.. Her initiate fear of being too quiet and shy is not present. We could talk and talk and talk, which is great for the first date so that she won't feel awkward.. i tried my best to entertain her with my jokes and luckily we are watching a cartoon show so that liven up the atmosphere. :)

I tried to tell her as much things as possible about me so that she could know me better rather than just the guy she know in Double O. she also told me more of herself and i could feel that she is feeling pretty at ease talking to me and there don't seem to be any gaps or awkwardness.

oh ya, one more thing that realli catches my attention, is her smile. Her smile really melted my heart.. ooops.. Whenever she laughed at my jokes, smiled at me, i will be dazzled and feel good. :)

As i still remembered that she told me she like to eat the flaming prawns in Manhattan, I brought her to manhattan for dinner. Hoped she will enjoyed the date with me :) with a total of 9hrs spent together, I enjoyed the chats with her face to face, was dazzled by her smile, and I love the cheerfulness of her :) glad tat we could just chat and chat non-stop; :)

Her Version :
cracked my brain a few times just on deciding what to wear on our first date.... can't wear too maturely (looks wierd if he turns up in berms right???) yet also can't wear too kiddishly (dun wanna him to think that i purposely act cute for my age lo)...and also not too sexily (dun wanna him to think of me as a typical clubbing girl who is very 'fun'... i need him to know that i m actually a very very boring person)... =( ...

in the end, i wore my 3/4 sleeves top with army greenish shorts for a casual look and pair it with heels for a more 'mature' sling bag (too kiddish) and no handbag (too mature) ... so took my tiny wristlet out instead.... so 麻烦... especially when i need to bring my hp and my compact powder out ... =(... and this is how i look like in 'weemee' style.... heee....
was kind of nervous, worried, excited... am finally meeting the guy whom i have been chatting with for the last month or so... really feel great chatting with him on msn, sms and phone but to meet him face to face is another issue leh.... butterflies in my stomach.... 'what if this and what if that'.... argh....stress!!! but also wanna settle it once and for all... if really shouldn't be then should just end it instead of wasting both of our time, energy and feelings thinking that each other is possible when it may not be possible.... =(

anyway, met him at somerset mrt... was wondering if he could recognise me as i would look very different from the first time we met at double O.... i will feel very paiseh if i walk past him and he dun recognise me lo.... but luckily, he did... phew!!!.... he told him that he had already collected the tickets and since we have 1 hour to spare before the show starts, he treated me coffee at coffee bean at paragon.... he talked and talked and talked..... initially, i was a little shy and didnt really know how to response but as he was so comical and friendly, i warmed up to him pretty fast.... then we went to cineleisure to catch .... ICE AGE 3....

was worried and wondering if he would make use of the dark setting to do anything advancing.... hahaha.... as in try to hold my hand .... u know, u know.... guys always do that.... but he din... glad (cos i wun know how to reject and i really hope we have a chance to talk abt our differences first) yet a little disappointed (maybe he's not interested any more).... but the movie was a great laugh.... 2 thumbs up....then he brought me to manhantan fish market at clarke quay....

yummilious... my favourite flaming prawns.... we chatted for so long at the entrance staircase of centro...and walked over to the bench outside timber @ acm to continue our chats....
was really fun listening to him as he tells me everything about him in details... hahaha... i think he also really wanna me to know him as well.... in return, i told him alot about myself too.... how passive and nua and lazy and boring and simple and plain i m... i wanted him to know the real me... i really dun wanna go through the 因不了解而在一起,因了解而分手 kind of crap...

it was a very pleasant outing and i really enjoyed the time we spent together...a total of 9+ hours... he sent me to woodlands bus interchange where we continued another hour of clarification... hahaha... i was convinced to give this unique relationship a try... i feel really good with him ... =)

updates from 18 june 2010:

i m really glad i gave this relationship a try despite the doubts and objections i received from some of my friends... i have never been so happy in a relationship and it's the simple things that he does that is making everything work for us.... even if this relationship does not last, there would be no regrets as i really enjoyed the time together... =)

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