Saturday, June 26, 2010


Go Karting

This entry has nothing to do with our wedding (Mr Ang and I were discussing about the wedding during the outing though... hahaha).... but i m in the mood to blog yet too lazy and also dun know how to set up a separate blog for myself so i decided to just blog here too....

anyway, we took part in whampo cc go karting event in malaysia today... 

woke up early in the morning to meet the rest at the custom.... drove to some famous place to have yong tau fu for breakfast

cheery cheery us early in the morning

squashed in the mini van towards the go-kart track 

abit lok-kok looking but who cares....can run safely can liao... =) 

it was so so so fun.... somemore get to go 2 times leh.... 2 x (5 - 8) laps is just so fun.... vroom vroom vroom... but too bad, only managed to get 1 photo of me behind the wheels...

and none for Mr Ang cos our photographer, Mr Kelvin Su, said he was too fast.... hahahaha....

 excited us waiting for our turn... =D

hungry us waiting for lunch @ Kenny Roger 

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