Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready for photo shoot not...

Photoshoot is in 2 days time (20 June 2010)

Let us see if everything is really ready....

1) photographer - Mr Lee Choon Long (handsome and macho 2) - Mr Ang's Poly mate
He was very nice and agreed to help us with our small scale photoshoot without any hesitation.

2) transport director - Mr Ang Kok Yong (handsome and macho 1) - Mr Ang's elder brother
He really 出钱又出力, pick us up, ferry us around, bought a Seiko watch for him as a wedding gift on 28 may 2010... and he loves it to bits... but as it's a wedding gift, he can only wear it for the photoshoot and from the actual wedding day itself oh... hahaha...

I will be wearing the beaded accessories (necklace + earrings + bracelet) which Xin Ying lent me... they are so pretty and they match my white wedding dress so well.... =) ...

and of cos we will be having our wedding bands on... the one which he bought in dec 2009 from goldheart....

feel like renting a tiara cos my hair is kinda short and i don't think i can get it style in any 'woah' yet not 'scary' design leh... chance upon that rents out tiara at only $8.50 and located very near to XinYing's place which i will be going for my second nail art session on sat.... but too bad.... their appointment full....luckily lewei (姐妹 3) came to my rescue. she bought me a mini tiara and even style my hair and did my make-up for the photoshoot... =)

did my own flower bouquet too.... cos i just find it ridiculously expensive to buy one lo... i think i did a pretty good job as a first timer... think too little flowers this time.. will get 12 - 18 daisy for the actual day instead.... hee... love the chain that i bought from shanghai that i used to wrap around the flower stems.... =) the words 'i love you' oh....

finally bought my pair of white shoes today after hunting for it for many many days... so expensive lo.... $35.90....

3) venue
decided on 2 places;
- clarke quay (the place where we went on our first date) and
- fort canning (the place where we went on our first couple date - ballet under the stars 2010)

4) groom's suit
bought it on 16 june 2010...sponsored by Mr Ang Kok Yong (兄弟 1) - Mr Ang's elder brother

grey suit from People of Asia (POA) @ Plaza Singapura - $232.90

love this suit cos of the colour....something different from the usual black or white... =)

5) bride's dress
bought it on 28 may 2010... sponsored by Miss Charlene Goh (姐妹) - Miss Candy's BFF

white tube dress from Arthur Yen @ Metro Causeway Point - $143.20

will be matching the dress with a gold sash from Joyce to try to create a waist for myself... as according to Mab... i look as if i m pregnant... =( ...but i like it like that leh... flowy flowy one.... and i dun have a waist to begin with lo...that's why i always like this kind of straight dresses mah.... hahaha....

All of you must be thinking why we choose to buy our gown and suit from shopping centres' boutique and not bridal boutique right??? hee... cos Mr Ang and I are both lazy ppl who dosen want to spend any time & energy on negotiating with the people at the bridal boutique... we like the feeling of trying our gown / suit and paying for them if they fit well... dun wanna to go through the hassle of going through designs after designs, fitting and alterating, negotiating of package price and worse to find out that that we have been ripped by those dishonest business ppl in the end.... =(

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