Monday, June 21, 2010

handsome and macho sponsors

Sponsor 2 - Mr Lee Choon Long

Mr Ang's polymate... and according to Mr Ang, they were 'bio-ing' kakis..... used to bio girls together in the SP canteen and library one.... hahaha....

a very very nice guy who agreed to help us take our pre wedding shoots without any hesitation and even help us to carry our water bottle, provide tissue during the photoshoot itself... another 兄弟 that went all out... and he was practically doing push ups on the grass patch, his entire weight only supported by his lower arms while he tried to take those photos which Mr Ang and I were sitting on the grass patch.... there were at least 10 of such photos lo....

i salute his professionalism .... kudos kudos.....

Sponsor 1 - Mr Ang Kok Yong

Has know Mr Ang all his life. An elder brother who 两肋插刀,出钱又出力.

Sponsored Mr Ang's wedding suit and was the transport director who ferry us all over singapore (Clarke Quay and Fort Canning from and to woodlands) for our pre-wedding shoot. And most importantly, is Mr Ang's most reliable advisor all these years... =)

will be applying for the ocbc credit card so that we can get to enjoy the promotion package for the wedding dinner to be held at Peony Jade... =)

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