Sunday, August 22, 2010

Party @ McDonald

Party @ McDonald

saw thru facebook photos that Paul had his 29th birthday party at mcdonald ... such a cute way to celebrate his last birthday that starts with the number '2'... heee.....

i also want.... then can 顺便 distribute the wedding invites.... cos i really wanna meet up with each and everyone of my friends whom i m gonna invite to my wedding cos each and everyone of them are those whom are still in contact de lo.... =) ... but it would be so tiring if i meet the different groups separately within that one month lo.... cos i will usually like spend one full day or at least half a day with whoever i meet up with de...cos being a 'talkative' person, i do need my time to talk to my friends mah.... hahahaha....

so browse browse .... it's at $9 per person...includes
  • a happy meal each (a bit insufficient for adult's appetite hor??? )
  • a gift per guest (should be those mac toys which i dun like leh)
  • a party hostress to conduct games (i dun think anyone is interested to play their games lo..abit the childish kind)
  • 1.5 hours use of the venue (abit short hor???)

so decided to put off the idea of having a party there.... but maybe can still arrange a big gathering for all 50+ friends to meet up at one of the mcdonald on a sunday afternoon.... hahaha.... wonder if they do reservation..... heee... =)

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