Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet little act - Mega Jump

Sweet act by Mr Ang

after being addicted to 'cookie dozer' in our i-touch for the last few weeks, i finally cleared most of the level and the game was kinda getting boring liao... hahaha... and the next game that gotta my addiction is this...tatatata.... mega jump....

a game where u (the character) jump jump jump to collect collects coins and stars... a very short (few seconds to at most a minute plus game for each round) game is very addictive.... =)

8 out the 10 duper cute characters available in the game... and we need 1500MP to unlock each of the what sweet little act did Mr Ang did leh???.... he played the game the whole of yesterday so as to earn enough MP to unlock one particular cute character (KoKo the koala) which i told him that i likey.... although one could argue is that he also like to play the game la... but i still think it's very sweet of him to give me this small small surprise at the end of the day when i reached home from work... =)... at least it brightened up my night for that day....

thank you dear dear... =*

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