Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wedding favour for kids

since Mr Ang increased the number of tables to 20, we can now invite all the little ones too... =) ... very happy cos when i was surfing surfing the net for wedding related stuff during the june holidays, i chanced upon wedding favours just for kids... activity books with colouring pages, connect the dots etc and a box of crayons... but as at that time, we could only have 8 tables, which means no kiddos allow (except for xinying's marcus), i could only give up the idea...

but now...wahaha... all of Mr Ang's nieces and nephews, cousins and a few more toddlers from my mummy already friends can all attend liao... =) ... but me not going to buy decided to make it myself.... =)

so did more surfing today for more ideas and completed my own wedding activity booklet with colouring activities for the very young ones...

spot the difference


still have word search and word scramble for the older kiddos and the adults who are young at heart.... hee... There's even a crossword puzzle to test how well you know the two of us oh...

so fun and so exciting.... hope the kids and everyone at the wedding will enjoy doing the activities... hee...


aga2703 said...

Hi! :)
I'm going to prepare kid's activity book for my wedding.
Can you do me a favor and send me your picture "Can you find 10 differences" in good quality?
Thanks and best regards

PiaD said...

Yes, I would love the same! (a good quality image of the Spot the Difference picture).
Much appreciated!

Sérgio Meireles said...


Can you please send me the picture "Can you find 10 differences" in a good quality so i can add it to my own activity book.
Thank you so much.

Ah, and can you tell me where the differences are, i can't find them all o.O

Thank you.

sarah Blasebalk said...

can you please email the 3 pics over to - love the pics and cant print them out !!