Friday, September 3, 2010

ABCs of Marriage

... ABCs of Marriage ...

Absolutely adore each other - (of cos, that's y we r still tog..)
Be best friends - (sort of... but still different from a BFF... hahaha... )
Communicate - (never a problem... i m blessed with a man who talks)
Discover new things together - (discover new places counted??? europe, here i come..)
Encourage each other - (dear dear, 加油! 加油!)
Forgive and more importantly-forget
Gaze into each other’s eyes - (every morning and night...)
Hug a lot - (yup his hugs)
Intrigue each other
Joke and laugh and have fun - (he cant stand my lame jokes leh.... hahaha)
Kiss kiss kiss - (a plentiful everyday... =*)
Love with all your hearts - (yup yup... of cos)
Marvel at each other’s talents (he's amused at my nua-ness, while i'm amused by his hardworking-ness)
Nurture each other’s souls
Overcome problems together
Play games - (sure... cookie dozer, mega jump, bejewel.. )
Quiet each other’s fears - (a hug will solve any problem)
Remember the little things - (stay thankful for every little act)
Say “I Love You” everyday - (we still do.. )
Take time for tenderness - (bedtime with my princess kiss everynight - i likey)
Understand and care deeply
Value everything you share
Wish on a star
Xpress your true feelings
Yearn for each other’s touch - (i-touch??? hahaha)
Zip Your Lip - (especially when one party get unreasonable, one really dun know what one is saying when one is fuming)

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