Sunday, October 17, 2010

obiang bridesmaid's dress

Any bridesmaid wants this?

was in the wedding forum today and saw this...a thread of a bride who bought this dress for all her bridesmaids but decided to change to another design and planning to sell the dresses to any other bride who is interested to get them for her bridesmaids....

I am thinking that the hidden reason why she (1st bride) is changing the design of her bridesmaid's dress might be because this dress is too obiang already till all her bridesmaids threatened to NOT be her bridesmaids if they are to wear this... hahaha

And i wonder would there be any other brides who are willing to buy this dress from the first bride?????? i think they are only selling at $10 per but no thanks for myself... hahaha....i think i will not live till my wedding day if i had bought this for my bridesmaids.... =P

so 姐妹们, you should feel glad that i only set the colours, and in fact, a lot of colours for all of you to choose from to wear on that day oh.... =)

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