Tuesday, October 12, 2010



"A small arrangement of flowers that is either pinned to a woman's dress or worn around her wrist. Corsages are often worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony."

How come it's so different from what i know??? hahaha... i always thought that it's for 姐妹s for the wedding gatecrashing... or is it that there's a singapore's definition somewhere??? hahaha...but i have decided to stick to the definition which i m more familiar with... =)

Anyway, me really not in favour of the usual type of flower corsage as it's usually not very pretty and is usually for one time use on that day only.... and i dun really like the idea of having flower arrangement around the wrist... dun think it looks nice and pretty as a whole leh...hahaha... and usually it's provided by the bridal shop or purchase from florist/online shops....

first of all, we din engage a bridal shop... secondly, those prettier corsages selling at the florist / online shops are costing $4-$6 each...so both options are out....then i remembered a wedding blog (http://christineandvitor.blogspot.com/) i read long long ago where the bride customised a bracelet for her bridesmaids instead.... cool right? at least a bracelet is something that will not be throw immediately after the wedding and has a higher chance of being worn out a few more times... =)

so my plan was to buy wedding themed charm bracelets for the 姐妹s ...surf the net and found http://www.beadspage.com/ ... oh no... those which are ready made are so expensive.... so i changed my decision, i decided to buy the raw material instead.... there were so many options ...i spent one whole day browsing through the different beads and charms and tried sketching down my designs.... they looked so UGLY.... hahahaha...

so shelfed the plan...decided to wait for meixiang to complete her japan ship thingy program then get her to do it together with me since she is into the beady craft hobby... =) ..and even if diy, the beads + chains + hooks is gonna cost a bomb too.. =(
then one day, yee li (sec sch fri) was tag in a photo featuring a necklace.... a click and it led me to a website that sells "闪闪发亮 项链 手链 手腕 耳环 戒指" http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2080827&id=1384395891&page=4

browse browse browse...was really very happy to chance upon this website cos their accessories are all quite pretty and i absolutely love the price... hahaha... in malaysia riggit somemore.... double happiness....

so got in touch with ada, the person selling the accessories, and now in the process of doing the ordering, transfer and delivery.... heee... managed to get a malaysian address (thanks to recruit tey) but yet to find someone with a maybank account to help me do the transfer... =(...

but no worries, i will definitely find a way out to make sure my 姐妹s and I receive the bracelets...yes, i like the bracelet so much that i had decided to buy one for myself too... cos free delivery if i spend $50rm and above and 9 of such bracelets will cost Mr Ang $54rm only... =)... good deal hor???

i have ordered the bracelet in white and i hope all my 姐妹s will like the bracelet as much as me or at least prefer it over to the usual type of flower corsage... =) but maybe, maybe only ah, i may add in some personal touch to make it more bright candy wedding theme related.... hahaha...


Anonymous said...


CAn i know where you done the bracelet cuz i tried going to the link that you posted in your blog but it was invalid.

Appreciate if you can provide the details to me @ bubbless_17@yahoo.com.sg


-Candy- said...

Hi bubbless,

i dun think it is available anymore cos they couldnt even gave me the 9 that i needed. in the end i made the remaining 4 by myself. You can read up on