Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween 2010

halloween day today...=)
time for a walk near american school once more

this is what we saw while having dinner at kfc,
cute little ghosties taking stock of their ''trick or treat" loot... =)

little ones taking a break at kfc after their first round of halloween walk and spontaneously pose for me to take a photo upon request... =)

me with cutey ghost

mr jason ang with mr skeleton black

me with the 4 flying ghosts...

the "friendly" host of 9 woodgrove ave

luv this gigantic pumpkin lantern

failed attempt to take a 'us' photo with the giant pumpkin.... haha

a family of ghosts outside the house of giant pumpkin

interesting stockings....
wonder if she bought them or did she paint it herself...

was very upset when i couldnt find my shrek hairband to wear to the halloween walk

decided to wear my red wedding qipao, paint my face white and lips red like a geisha for the halloween walk next year... =P

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