Sunday, October 3, 2010

wedding favours

...Wedding Favours...

was very happy to see a brown box in my room when i returned home yesterday... although i was super super hungry... i ripped open the lid to view the content immediately ... and was extremely happy to see 250 decks of cards neatly arranged in stacks of 10... =)

quickly took one deck and was briming with joy when i saw the 2 joker cards.... cute...

the K, Q and J which i think can be used to play "Happy Family" instead
... cute loh....

The "Ace" of the different suite designed to represent icons related to a wedding

and after looking through all the cards...all i can say is...if u plan to play "dai di" kind of card games with this set of cards, you can forget about it... hahaha... at most can play "black jack" or "indian poker" kind of games only.... but i still likey them lots lots and am happy with it very much as our wedding favours.... =)

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