Friday, November 19, 2010

A trip to CitySquare - Msia

A trip to City Square - Msia

Went shopping in msia again with angela and along tag mr ang. he had always assumed and concluded on his own that msia is a very unsafe place and had always rejected my suggestion to hang out at citysquare at JB.

so when i told him i needed to go to city square to transfer RM$60 to the msian buyer for the bracelets i bought for my 姐妹s thru msian maybank atm, he almost freaked out... although he had a test and was super kan chiong about it the following week, he insisted on accompanying me in no matter how safe the journey into citysquare i assured him to be. ...luckily joyce was free to pei me in....

shopping in msia is so so so fun.... especially when the exchange rate is getting so much better.... rm$2.35 for every s$1 for the 1st trip in and rm$2.37 for every s$1 for this trip....anyway, the trip in again was to get angela's vest which we din get the previous round... lala and i had a great time shopping around while mr ang studied at coffeebean.... he's such a geek lo.... hahaha.... but he did join us towards the end and had lots of fun lo... he's totallly converted... on the way home, he said,"dear, can we come in more often after my exam?".... =P

smuggled in some gums for the 3As at home (Alfred, Angela and Alvin)


rm$19 also ......i think i can give up my online shopping habit liao... =)
Mr Ang bought a mouse at rm$19....
he had smashed his mouse just the night before!!!
hot tempered man he is... humph!!!
rm$15.... the reason why he went shopping with us...from the game he plays, i conclude that he could be a very faithful man... cos he only plays one type of game since young... soccer games.... hahaha

rm$69 for 2 (s$14.50 each)...another way to conclude that he could be a faithful man... 95% of his tops are polo tees... just different in colour... dun believe, check out all the older post with his photos... confirm + chop that he's in polo tee in 95% of the photos.... hahaha....
Mr Ang's new shoes

Angela's new shoes....
both pair at rm$100 only (s$21 per pair)
cheap cheap cheap

they gotten new shoes from the shoe shop while
i gotten a new injury from the shoe rack...pain seh....

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