Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Batam Spa with the IVP team

Batam Spa Trip with the IVP team
reached home at 2+am the night before...slept around 315am and woke up at 630am to meet the rest of the team and their associates at 8am at habourfront.... the lack of sleep resulted in a pair of sleepy us....

look how scary my dark eye rings made me look... ='(

an energetic bunch of people despite the lack of sleep.... i m so amazed by them... i m like more than half dead on the first day.... i will just nap at every possible sitting position... total no energy to participate in any of their activities such as banana boating, kayaking and bowling.... =(

so while the girls were enjoying their banana boating and kayaking, we slacked at the jetty and be entertained by ian.... he's super entertaining lo.... hahaha

after which we went for a bowling session where Mr Ang scored a 70++.... it's his first experience at bowling.... can u believe that??? hahaha...and his teammates were all laughing at him cos they say he throw the bowling ball machiam like an ah beng like that.... hahaha....

eric and kewei (peeping from the back) posing with a deflated bunch of people....

us and our roomies ... weipin & melissa

the sea front spa villa - KTM Spa Resort

the massage room ... =)

the view from the massage room

Mr Ang enjoying his foot scrub before the hydro bubble bath ...
...ticklish ticklish ticklish...

Mr Ang getting ready to enter the bubble bath

Mr Ang in the bubble bath

us in the bubble bath.... bubbles bubbles bubbles

our favourite ginger tea after the hydro bubble bath... =) yummy!!!

more info about the resort can be found at http://www.batamspavilla.com/packages.html .... this is my 4th trip there and i would say i enjoy the massage very very much... =) .... but other than that.... batam is a very boring place with nothing much to do...they dun even have a beach for us to nua about... hahaha.... so my advice is.... go in the afternoon, enjoy the 90 minutes massage, have dinner then slack abit then sleep....wake up the next morning for the 60 minutes massage, have lunch then can go home liao.... =)

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