Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr Ang getting ready for the wedding

Mr Ang getting ready for the wedding

(better skin & a new hair cut)

Mr Ang was a huge fan of mask after he tried on his first mask (a present from jas)... =) ... cos i kept complementing him on his smoother & fairer skin... hahaha.... but it only lasted for 2 weeks and the passion died...

eeeeeee..... Mr Ang looks so scary here... like some monster mummy like tat... hahaha

Mr Ang's new hair cut.... we purposely travelled to city square JB to get it done k? cos Mr Ang wanted a stylist, not a barber, to attend to his hair yet dun wanna spend too much on it.... gotten quite a good deal.... $35 rm ... and he is very pleased with it... =)

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