Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spagetti 4 lunch

Spagetti 4 lunch

One Sunday afternoon, Mr Ang and Angela decided to cook lunch for all of us at home.... the constant bickering between the two in the kitchen proned me to check out what were they doing.... i'm afraid that they might kill each other with the knives they were holding.... hahaha....

3 people cramped inside the small small kitchen... just to cook a pot of spagetti and a pot of sauce to go with it.... hmmm...

will Mr Ang make a good house hubby????

my fluffy baby decided to check it out in the kitchen too... =)

hairy baby beside a pair of hairy legs... wahahaha

tomato base with tons of crabsticks, hotdogs and mini abalone

my plate of spagetti

Ming Yan (Angela's friend) & a hungry Mr Ang

Angela enjoying her hard work...

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