Saturday, January 1, 2011

Voyage de la Vie

Voyage de la Vie on Christmas Eve 2010

Mr Ang completed his last exam paper on 23rd Dec and with the wedding on 2nd Jan and the tons of things to do, prepare and settle by the wedding day, we din plan to celebrate xmas with any events at all except to nua together... but we are just so lucky, we were given 2 tickets to watch Voyage de la Vie by Mr Ang's younger brother (Dominic)'s girlfriend... =) ...

our tixs.... 3rd row from the front... tixs are worth $108 each

unique photo of both of us... =*
xmas dinner at long john silver... that's how simple our life is... =)

Resort World Sentosa (rws) feels just like genting.... and the people there are just the type of people that you can see at genting too... i was rather surprised that there's such a huge contrast to the feel at rws and Marina Bay Sands (mbs) where i went to watch river dance with vivian on 5 dec.

mbs is all posh and brands while rws is like genting... hahaha... there are so many atm galleries which shout "come withdraw all your money and lose them all at our casino"... and the toilet deco is of bare minimal ... just tiles and mosaic... can't even fight with the shopping centres at orchard.... haix.... truely disappointing... and also dun know why, the people there, most in bums, t shirts and sandals and talking at the top of their voice as if it's a market place....

i felt so over dressed in a dress with my Mango bag (present from vivian and xinying)

write-up of the performance

my favourite character whom i call the rubber man... machiam no bones de lo.... can bend in all sort of weird direction and even do wave with his body (chest & tummy area) more info about the cast can be found at

although there were many people in the queue for the free shuttle bus to vivocity, we realised that there will only be 1 bus that picks up passengers to leave rws for vivocity for every 3 buses that drop passengers at rws... Mr Ang and I were discussing if there is any fengshui thingy behind this arrangement?

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