Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

many many thumbs up for our gang of videographers and photographers...

3 - 2 - 1.... can go home sleep lo....a red faced Mr Ang, Li Xi and a very happy me...
We are indeed a lucky couple cos one of Mr Ang's good friend (Li Xi)'s brother-in-law is a free lance wedding day photographer... so we gotten the deal for a whole day actual day photography at only $400... and to further sweeten the deal... he brought along another photographer and a videographer... =)
Just collected the photos and videos from them so went to their company website to have a look and this is what they wrote about us and our special day... =)

"2nd January 2010, a day after the New Year’s Celebration. We were shooting a couple (kok ming & candy) who met each other in Double O (Singapore): looking forward to 2 party freaks with tinted hair but when we met the couple, it was quite the opposite.

Candy is gentle and soft spoken. Kok Ming was sporty. They were very easy going and didn’t have any special requests for the shot. It was totally not what we expected from the clubbing couple.

The Wedding day itself was build on a very tight and precise timeline. But Kok Ming’s elder brother made everything run ultra smoothly, he should be commended for his dedication for making everything click. So was Li Xi (Kok Ming’s good friend) who drove us around and assist with everything possible and allow us to concentrate on the shot.

With the ultra tight timeline, we had only 3 hours to finish up the Videography & Photography SDE (Same day edit) and travel to the restaurant for the ROM at 5pm. It was a huge challenge and we are so excited to share their SDE

so funny lo...they expected us to be typical chiongster with tinted hair.... hahaha.... i bet they thought we have ear studs all over too...or worse, i was carrying a ball since my mr ang is so young.... oopx....
anyway, the video

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