Friday, January 14, 2011

Where is the love? photo contest

"Where is the love?"
(photo contest)

was chatting with mx online when she started saying that picture 18 in the one year anniversary album on facebook is very romantic.... i was like which one??? then i realised that she was referring to this one below...

hahaha.... where got romantic right??? we were just monkeying around lo.... so she suggested the picture of my wedding shoes....

i still dun think it's romantic leh.... hahaha.... then she mentioned the series of photos which we took at langkawi....she was asking if she could submit any of them for some romantic photo contest.... hahaha.... winner get a free night stay at re!hotel and $350 cash... told Mr Ang about it and he say why not... hahaha... so he submitted the one which mx suggested and one of our pre wedding photo below... =)

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