Sunday, February 6, 2011

us us us @ the wedding

us us us @ our wedding

first couple photo of the day... just after he completed the gate crash challenge

in the bridal car @ the carpark in front of his house

walking towards his house

praying to the god status at his place
a childish pose for a childish couple... heee

our temporary 'new' room and 'new' bed....

getting ready for the first march in....

caught swaying to the music of our first march in.... =)

cake cutting.... the cake is too ugly to be in the picture...hahahaha....
a kiss in front of 250++ guests....

2nd march in

champaign time.... =)

during the interview where Mr Ang was given a new name by the host...his new name is call COCO.... to represent chocolate to match me (candy).... hahahaha....

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