Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accomodation in Rome

Accomodation in Rome
Mr Ang had settled our tickets by end jan and happily passed the baton of holiday planning to me... and it took me 2 months to get started.... and that's because Ting Yang who will be honeymooning in Europe at around the same time had booked everything liao... that got me panick alittle and decided to get my ass moving else Mr Ang and I would really have to pitch tent, stay in cheezy motels or to spend a bomb on accomodation liao...

Anyway, accomodation in Rome is so freaking expensive.... we are not even looking at hotel lo... they have something call bed and breadfast stay... more like a home owned apartment kind of thing when u have a masterbedroom for the night and i found out that breakfast may or may not be included.... =(

Somehow, there are different prices from the different booking websites.... we gotten a room for 4 nights at 300 euro from same room costs 320 euro at really need to do homework one... crossing our fingers that we managed to get the cheapest rate for our room bah...

We will be staying at:
Dreaming Roma B&B
Address : Via Principe Amedeo 47, Rome, 00185, Italy

Phone : +39064814481

Email :
Enquiry call from singapore : 800-1205159 (English)

It's a 2 minute walk from Termini Station (which i have the impression that it's the main and central train station in rome and accessible to all the touristy places)... breakfast is at an additional charge at 5 euro per head, aircon will be charged as well...luckily tempertaure in rome during that period is 14 - 25°C, free wifi (Yippy), also need to pay 2 euro per head per night as city tax...

Reviews from the various websites all gave very good crossing our fingers once more....

gotten this photo from the net....hope it's the exact thing or at least something close

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