Friday, March 4, 2011

identity crisis

i m so contradictary... i was so looking forward to becoming Mrs Ang before the wedding yet 2 months after the wedding, i m still not use to my new status.... i m still trying to get used to being addressed as Mrs Ang.... i will always 'wake up in realisation' when i m greeted as Mrs Ang every first period with the class and when my kids say goodbye to me during dismissal....

wonder how long will i need to really identify myself with my new status lo.... i miss being addressed as Miss Chua....hahahaha... my ex pupils still address me as Miss Chua whenever they see me ... =)

then when i am asked to fill in my full name on document, i will still write it down as 'Chua Lai Peng Candy'.... so am i an Ang or a Chua now leh???

i m now waiting for the letter to ask me to renew my IC as i m approaching my big 3 this oct liao.... so what changes do i wanna / must make to my name in the new IC leh??? should it be 'Ang - Chua Lai Peng Candy' or 'Ang Lai Peng Candy' or what??? and if i dun change, still keep it as 'Chua Lai Peng Candy', then does that means that i should be greeted as Mdm Chua instead leh????

omg... this name thingy is so confusing....

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