Sunday, March 6, 2011

MY KENteen

MarcusYing KENteen

made a trip to Singapore Polytechnic Food Court 3 to give our late support to Ken's (Xin Ying's hubby) western food stall "MY KENTEEN".... as i had prata with Mr Ang at 9 plus, i ordered a chef salad and a plate of cheese fries only while vivian ordered a grilled fish fillet set with soup...

the beautifully designed signage.... the most expensive dish is only $5.50... most are $4... i would say super good deal la cos personally prepared by Chef Ken wor.... he was formally working for restaurants at big and famous hotels one... dun play play hor!!!

me, vivian, xinying and marcus
marcus is so super super cute lo... when i gave him the ang bao, he refused to let go of it...he was so happy when he finally removed the ang bao from my grip lo... hahaha... and he tried to insert one of the $2 notes that i gave him into the chocolate vending machine.... such a smart boy....

a very happy vivian with our food... served personally by the 老板娘

me with the yummilicious lunch.... look at the cheese fries...super generous amount of cheese lo....

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