Sunday, April 3, 2011

our love story on it's meant to be you

It's meant to be you

chance upon a request for love story on the bride's forum.... yes, although married for 3 months liao... i will still log into bride's forum to kpo kpo every now and there, especially for pages where i left some posts....

anyway, i sent them an email with the link to chapter 1-4 of our love story... from how we meet to how we end up together and was looking forward to how they will craft our story...

to my surprise the person whom replied me is a trainee teacher currently doing her PGDE....and she's doing this cos she had watched the movie '27 dresses' and like the concept of a wedding column...

their webby is and below is what they had crafted for us.... love the title and the intro they gave to our story... style of writing is very unique... very short and to the point... gives a new feel to our story...that we are meant to be.... =)

love IS enough: Mr. and Mrs. Ang

A club. One of the last few places you think you would meet the love of your life. But then again, when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. It can happen anywhere and anytime, and you won’t even be prepared for it. You know how movies go – boy meets girl in club, instant attraction, sparks flying and green lights from there on out. This story which I’m about to share is proof that the cliché - ‘it only happens in the movies’ can actually come to pass in real life!

Mr. and Mrs. Ang met in a club. He approached, chatted her up, bought her a drink, asked her to dance, danced and while high on alcoholic content, kissed her thrice. Her friends were aghast at the quick progression of things and dragged her home, thinking that he had cast a spell on her. And indeed he had!

Looks – check. He was her eye candy material, tall and thin. Personality – check. He melted her by telling her he volunteers with kids. He was decent as he only put his hands on her waist and they did not roam anywhere else. He was courageous, persistent and possessed a never-say-die attitude. He dared to ask her for a dance when she was in a big group of friends, persevered when she said no till she finally said yes and offered to bring her for supper then send her home.

What more could a girl ask for? Read on to see how Mr. Ang won Mrs. Ang’s heart.

As we all know, meeting in a club is usually anonymous, with fake names and vague details about each other. However, Mr. Ang made the most of what he was given. Going on the name Candy Cai, Mr. Ang searched Facebook for the love of his life the very next day. Unable to find her, he recalled that she was teaching in a primary school in the north. He then went to look at all the primary school websites’ staff list in hope that he could find her. His determination paid off, he found her real name and then managed to find her on Facebook.

Things evolved from there and they soon began chatting on the phone, going out and they really did click. You know how we girls want a guy who we are comfortable with, never run out of things to talk about, yet when we do, the silence is not awkward? They have that. I hope you have someone like that too.

Despite this connection they shared, a major obstacle remained.

“It’s impossible. It’s impossible for us to be together.” How many times have each of us actually said that to ourselves? Mrs. Ang was no different and she repeatedly told herself that. The big barrier for her was – their age gap. He was younger than her and it went against logic for her. It is hard enough to remain a couple nowadays, what more when there are more differences involved? This was something Mr. and Mrs. Ang had to work out for themselves.

We all love and cry at happy endings and in the end, Mr. Ang fought hard for their love and his sincerity convinced Mrs. Ang that it didn’t matter and she was the only one he wanted to be with – he would be content holding her small hand in his for the rest of his life. I guess, in their case, love is enough.

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