Sunday, May 8, 2011

Contractor's Quotation

Contractor's Quotation

Hi Jan, this's for you.... hope you get to read this when you return for another read... =)

quotation is only for contractor's work and does not include carpentry work ...

the company is called "S and N renovation and furniture" and can be contacted at 96165195 (Mr Tok)

as for the carpentry work (kitchen cabinets, master bedroom cabinets & display area above bed, study table with shelves, 2 x toilet cabinets, tuition room shelves and storeroom door), it's done by my hubby's 8th uncle who is the boss of "Home Art Design & Contracts"...he din give us a quotation list and charged us $10k for everything... my friends say it's definitely "kin-ship" price... but u can still give him a call if you are interested to get a more detailed quotation....his name is alan and he can be contacted at 91719395... =)


Deng said...

Hi, how is the workmanship for S and N? We are considering if we should hire him as our contractor... Thanks!

-Candy- said...

Hyee, everything is still perfectly fine after 1.5 years of living here.... =D