Thursday, August 11, 2011

Number 1 – 10 @ Home Sweet Home

Bryan posted this link on facebook -

and so I decided to make a modification to item 4 to be my next blog challenge ..

Number 1 – 10 @ Home Sweet Home

ONE terranuim to be aired and watered on the 1st of every month

house warming gift by meixiang.... so cute hor??? she wanted to put my favourite character "dopey" in de but supplier dun have.... so in the end, i m beauty and Mr Ang is the beast.... wahahaha....

TWO naughty puppies being caged for peeing around

brownie on the left and snowy on the right.... brownie has been tearing hence she has a browner face than snowy...=( ...anyone know of any effective method of removing the stains???

THREE packs of snacks from the other Angs (Yan Jun & Sherman)

their contribution for tuesday jc class gathering.... the girls (mx and liza) finished up the whole box of 小馒头 liao ...

FOUR running medals displayed on his shelf

more to come.... jia you jia you baobei...=)

FIVE magnets from honeymoony in Italy and Greece

from top left to bottom : colosseum in rome, duomo in florence and the leaning tower in pisa

from top right to bottom : the famous white building and blue roof in santorini and the famous "surrounded by water" theme in venice

these magnets are freaking ecpensive lo.... can cost up to 3 euro each which is like S$5.40 each lo... but they are considered one of the cheapest touristy items that we can buy as travel log lo.....

SIX teacher's day cups collected over the years

confirm, guarantee + chop, will receive at least one such cup every teacher's day.... used to find them a problem because i can't give them away to kids as rewards like what i do with the other gift which i received...=P... but now, they are a useful part of my home sweet home...

SEVEN pairs of socks that i have

the colourful ones were bought at 4 for $10 at one of the shop in anchor point... very comfy... but looks damn Ah Tiong.... hahaha.... the 2 puma white ones were bought just in case i need to be in socks and with no long pants.... and the middle white one has been a white elephant after buying it from some bowling alley....

EIGHT eggs left in the fridge

okay, there's 7 left now after cooking one with my maggie mee last night... photo was taken just before i cook.... heee....

NINE decel birds around the house

5 on this side of the living room and

4 on my master bedroom door

TEN pairs of shoes for Mr and Mrs Ang

our slippers outside the house..... mine look so small beside his.... i m a size 4, he's a size 10....his slippers is the kind which yuan and I always label as the $2.50 slippers that chun yang loves to wear too.... really is bad kama.... used to laugh at chunyang for wearing this everywhere and anywear then in the end, my Mr Ang has to wear them as this is the only kind of slippers that Mr Ang can wear without slipping off....he has a very bad case of sweating feet.... =s

each of us happens to have 4 pairs of shoes in the shoe cabinet as of when i took the photo... he is out with 2 of his feet and another one for gym later after school....

This photo blog challenge is quite fun.... hahaha.... like a kind of investigative game....have to crack my brain a little to fit the items around the house to the numbers....even seeked help over facebook for number 10....thanks to chunyang for the shoe idea.... if that didnt work, i would also have use 长颈鹿's idea of 10 fingers doing housework too.... wahahaha....

maybe i can do one for school too.... then can show ur how messy my work area is... wahahaha....

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