Monday, October 31, 2011

photo heart collage

 Personalising room sweet room

finally all the weekend lessons are over....finally time for me, myself and I....woohoo.... and finally move my ass to select and develop our wedding photos 10 months after the wedding... a total of 114 pieces (pre wedding shoots & actual day) to be used for two diy projects.... 

each photo cost mr ang $0.35...extra $0.05 per photo as i insisted on having the white border..... =P

the first project consists of photo of us and us only in our room sweet room....the blank wall above the low cupboard, right in front of the bed.... =) ... took me close to 2 hours to arrange the photos in the desired shape that i wanted with messy messy filling....

tatatata...all our photos combined to form a ginormous heartz

the "happily ever after..." looks super weird hor??? those are letter stickers that i gotten from 'Made with Love' (scrapbooking shop at PS that cost me $11.95)... they are pasted on the green paper before being attached on the wall as i'm afraid the stickers will damage my wall....hahaha....

anyway,will be removing right after i m done with this post....hahaha.... then gonna into city square @ jb during the hols to see if i can get love quotes/verses in decal stickers.... =)

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