Thursday, November 24, 2011

December Hols TO-DO-LIST

December Hols TO-DO-LIST

Based on the success of the september hols to-do-list found at, i have decided to create another to do list this hol.... =)

1) design, print and distribute flyers for Learning heARTS

i just need 2 students will do.... it's more of helping me to retain my P5 and P6 content knowledge... so if any of you have children, nieces or nephews living in hougang and need upper primary math and science tuition lesson, you are free to contact me...

for those in secondary school, can contact mr ang... =)

 tons of resources, books, magazines and learning games, collected over the years to making learning more interesting and engaging... =)

we even installed a whiteboard to facilitate small group tuition... =)

2) go on a malacca makan trip with RSS
this is the famous chicken rice ball of malacca 

3) P1 to P6 semester 1 art curriculum 2012 
only started on the day before all the meetings start... i strongly believe in work life balance... so NO school work during school hols... heee... =)

4) alter my white wedding dress to be worn on 2nd Jan
cost me $15 lo...=(.... but glad that i could still fit in...heee... in fact, i think i lost abit of weight too... and most likely not wearing it on 2nd jan liao cos it's a monday... monday means it's ang family 煮炒 night.... can't be wearing this white dress to go eat 煮炒 at the coffee shop at hougang block 681 bah??? hahahhaha.....

5) facial
- din go...oopx...cos outbreak not serious enough.... oopx...

6) xmas decoration at home
-done and super proud of it... now looking at how i can transform it into a 橘子树 with chinese new year deco...

7) make new IC
- not yet.... still have 10 months to go.... too lazy to take IC photo and not really please with the one i used for my passport... but i can predict eventually when i make it most likely in sept 2012, i will still use the passport photo.... i m really that lazy... wahahahaha....

8) go USS
- yup yup and had a super great time with the chua family...

9) go KTM, Batam for massage
- nopx...din get to do it.... mr ang suggested the weekend before chinese new year.... but then.... who will feed our pups and clear their pee and poo???? hmmm.... the trouble with pets and kids.... no 二人 get away without troubling ppl... =(

10) go ikea buy curtain rails
- decide not to get it le.... cos lazy and troublesome to drill holes la... in the end, we just pasted some $1 coin behind the door... hopefully it works too.... $1 coin made of metal right????

compare to sept hol, i really did alot less this dec hol.... most of the time was spent nuaing at home playing bejewel, writing my blog, reading others' blog, watching online videos etc etc etc.... basically, nothing constructive....

have not been a good girl this dec hols ...=) ....except to do lots of shopping =) and gotten proper xmas gifts for friends... =)

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