Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Bluez

Holiday Blues

why am i rotting my dec holiday away in singapore this year??? even when i was busy planning for the wedding, i could afford to slot in a 4D3N trip to vietnam with joyce last dec..... argh!!!!

now that i'm mrs ang, planning holiday trip seems to be very difficult.... one of the difficulties revolves around 洪苹果 or 洪炸弹 whom i m afraid that i might be pregnant with hence dare not plan holiday trip that are too far ahead.... this 'what if got pregnant' thought is literally killing me slowly..... holiday by holiday...

and also because i'm mrs ang, i would want to go on holiday with mr ang...where we can experience new things, shop, eat and take many many photos together mah.... but he's unavailable this holiday as he has badminton training, design car prototype competition, admin stuff to do for IA listing and exam results... so dely daly...din make any plans....din help when joyce and mab went spain and has no other travel plans

then mr ang was invited to join the ntu odac team for some rakee trip in perak....i had encouraged him to go la....cos fun mah... should have tagged along if i know it is gonna be so fun...they are gonna play water rafting & waterfall abseiling lo.... and not the walk walk and walk alot more kind which i though it was gonna now i super 心里不平衡 la.... haix.... how come he got to have fun when he screwed up my holiday planning by being not available la..... think i super pms today lo....super emo and super grouchy about the fact that we are not going on any holiday trip together this dec.... he say we can go batam...but also say say only...never plan anything...everyday also so busy....argh.... so grouchy that i'm ignoring him while he cleans the fan now.....

i want to go taiwan in march and i wanna to be shopping in the states next june with him.... but he's having stupid IA in march and what if i got pregnant by june.... this is so killing me.... i better get some sleep before i start a war at home with my nonsense....argh!!!!

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