Saturday, December 24, 2011

Once Upon a Time with Mr Ang

Once Upon a Time with Mr Ang

i was hardworking once....hardworking in keeping track of all our outings like a 情豆初开的小妹妹....wahahhahaa..... think it lasted for slightly more than half a year only.... now all these memories are pasted on a scrapbook and kept in the cupboard together with the photo albums of once upon a time... heee....

the obiang cover.... even the pink puffy heart had dropped off liao.... =(.... why is there a BIG 1 drawn on the cover leh??? cos i thought i will be so hardworking as to have a book 2 and a 3 and so on and so forth mah.... well, i did managed to complete book 1 and used up 2 pages of book 2 though... heee

a timeline kind of thing to track our rapid progress

and soon it was our first date on 6th July 2009
and we went steady a week later on 11th July 2009....

(for those who are interested in the details can read the following 2 links... =)

memories of our first date as a couple
and the many many more that follows... =)



the birthday card he made for me... =)

our very first oversea trip together... =)


that's it....that's all that was captured on scrapbook.... missed out a little here and there before i upgraded to detailing our outings on this blog.... =)
looking back now, i must be pretty free to spend so much time looking for clip arts to design these pages above and also to collect movie tickets lo.... =D

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