Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1st day of school 2012

1st day of school 2012

i seldom blog about my work... but after having tons of fun reading the forum "Singapore Teachers Overworked" at http://sgforums.com/forums/2297/topics/399658?page=4 , i decided to try to detail my daily doing in school.... just for fun.... =P

930am - reached school, return pupils their artworks which were on display during the last week of 2011.

1030am - meet art vendor to discuss on the P6 workplan and main display area

11am - lunch

1115am - admin
  • consent form for dance practice (cca)
  • letter for subscription for science magazine for P1 to P6
  • send letter for printing after getting hod's signature and request for edusave form to be printed and attached
  • draft email for all art teachers regarding the usage of the art curriculum and art teachers briefing
  • draft email for all science teachers regarding National Geographic Magazine subscription

1210pm - hall duty to look after the new batch of P1 kiddos 

1pm - in class with the kids to do washing of thermometer, temperature taking and washing of thermometer again

2pm - free period  

230pm - free period used to do buddy pairing of P1 and P4 in the hall

3pm - free period used to do canteen duty - need to ensure all my P1 kiddos have someone to look after them and tat they they ate

330pm - in class with the kids to go through reward system, things to bring for tmr and how to use their handbook to record their daily temperature and things to do / bring..... trust me, at least 10 mintues is need to get the whole class to even flip to the correct page.... the first few weeks always go through very slowly cost everything is brand new to these little ones....

5pm - mass P1 music lesson in the hall to learn to sing the national anthem 

630pm - dismissal

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Anonymous said...

Try blogging about the days when everything had gone into ful swing.
Term 1 isn't so stressful yet, isn't it?