Saturday, January 14, 2012

2nd week in school

2nd week in school

instead of doing a daily blog, i decided to make it into a weekly one...just like the much hated weekly lesson plan... what's eventful this week on top of the 33 periods of lessons leh and the numerous stacks of books and worksheets to be marked????

  • weekly 1.5 hours level meeting for dissemination of info from the various dept rep, standarise on the scope of work for term 1

  • conducted 2 training sessions on the usage of the art curriculum for all the art teachers. 

  • contact time followed by event committee meeting... luv my teachers' day committee members... chop chop... and ready to work... =) far proposal sort of approved by vp... so just have to wait for swc survey result to be out before working on the second step of talking to the various ppl toget things started... =)

  • dance CCA at 845am but with instructor this week on... =) .... was informed that i would be nominated for OYEA....=)....and that i would need to submit the report by coming monday ... =(
  • briefing for the new social studies curriculum by NE rep

  • Consent forms for extra dance practices with Australian cheoragrapher approved and signed by VP
  • Parents teacher conference till 8+pm....

After the mad rush in the first week....the second week is so much more bearable.... and teaching the classroom has started...=).... woohoo....

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