Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY 2012

CNY 2012

getting ready for our 2nd ang bao giving cny....small packets are still the same value but the big packets to the elderly has ballooned a little oh... heee....thanks to the extra $$$ from oca.... =)

 my 2nd yu sheng of the year.... with colleagues in school...

always find the auspicious sayings very fascinating so went online to check it out...=)

Raw fish (usually salmon) : 年年有余 - abundance (excess) for evey year

Lime: 大吉大利 - for good luck

Five spice powder and pepper: 五福临门 - 5 fortune arrives

Plum sauce: 甜甜蜜蜜 - to have sweetness in your life 

White radish: 万事如意 - success in everything

Red chilli: 招财进宝 - welcoming wealth 

Lettuce: 和气生财 - having harmony and growing wealth

Carrot: 步步高升 - promotions

Pickled red ginger: 鸿运当头 - good luck

Oil: 福运年年 - good fortune and luck every year

Peanuts: 金沙满堂 - golden sand everywhere

Crispy crackers: 遍地黄金 - gold everywhere

and when tossing the ingredients together, toss it as high as possible and sprout even more auspicious sayings, ending with a loud HUAT AH.... heee....

my classroom deco that gotten us

guess it's because all the artworks were hand made by the kids and not purchased or made by the kids' parents bah.... =P.... felt abit stressful when colleagues and even VP said that i, being the school art coordinator, of cos will win la kind of stuff....

anyway, the prize was a box of chocolate and each of the kiddos in class got a share of it... =) 
empty box here cos all the chocolates had been distributed...=P

jiayi, me and jasmine
my hair was in a mess due to climbing up and down the lockers to put up the class cny decoration and forgetting to put on my hair clip.... first batch of modern jazz dancers  who had graduated, came back to visit the teachers, jasmine is considered my junior now... look at the school name on her PE t-shirt.... 

and yes, she's in modern dance cca... times fly..... it was 16 years ago when i was the first batch of modern jazz dancers and she's following in my footstep... heee... 

reunion dinner with the chua family, guess steamboat is really a very convenient way of having reunion dinner ah.... it's like the norm for many many friends....  

the ang baos for the chuas.... the first 3 named '蔡家宝' shortform for '蔡家的宝贝'  has different amount inside for the 3 宝贝s to draw lots...heee....created some excitment for them and entertainment for myself...wahahaha

蔡家宝 and their ang baos....angela got the fattest pack while alfred got the thinnest pack.... heee.... but not much diff also la....the difference between the fattest and the thinnest is only $8

alfred brought home a stray 3 day old kitten 3 weeks back.... so puny.....and so cute (when she din try to attack my feet with her claws).... and in baby's colours - black and white....miss baby so much....

another photo of this cutey pie... =)... the rubics cube is for comparison on how puny it is....  

ang ba from 蔡 mummy.... =S

special guest appearance - AH previous super maid who gotten married and currently living in mua - msia, travelled more than 10 hours (due to the jam at the causeway)  to visit us and stayed over for 2 nights.... =)

Mr Ang 自摸 a 大三元

and look how happy he is.... =D

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