Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sentosa Day Trip

remember the cock-up sentosa trip 3 weeks ago during our 1st year wedding anniversary????? well, we finally went for it on chinese new year eve.... =) 

if not for the package deal at $25, we will definitely not go for it lo...super not worth it... so expensive... the cable car ride by itself already cost $26 (even more expensive than the whole package that we had)
had jittery legs when the cable car was 'rushing' out from this hole..... that's why i hate roller coaster rides... =(

happy us in the cable car

views on our right.... very quiet roads ah???? think most ppl busy preparing for chinese new year bah... 

views on our left.... vivocity really dun look impressive at all....oopx.... hahahhaha

the cup of drink was a welcome drink (free) from jewel box at mount each.....some sweet sweet super gassy drink...also dun know to say that it's nice or yucky or even weird...hahahha.... but we both finished it...guess it's the weather bah..... 

more photos of us in the cable car after our drinks and heading towards sentosa for our 4D pirates show ... =)....

can't believe that it's so expensive lo.... totally not worth it too.... oopx... guess sentosa is really to earn tourists' money one.... this is my second 4D show, the first one was on shrek at USS....prefer the cuter shrek version... this pirate one is kind of 'scary' in the sense that they featured skulls and bees which frightened the little kiddos so much that 2 cried during the show and 1 had to be escorted out of the theater... ='( 

travelling in the heat is really not my cup of tea... =(..... left sentosa and headed back home immediately after the show... hahahha.... like what angela said, "jiejie only have 2 energy only can have a maximum of 2 activities a day... one bar was used to enjoy the package deal and the other bar was used for the travelling.... and indeed, i kongz out on the sofa within 10 minutes upon reaching home.... i m a pig.... wahahhahaha

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