Friday, January 6, 2012

Term 1 Week 1, Friday

Term 1 Week 1, Friday

1030am - reached school, and was greeted with some much admin stuff to do from the general office the moment i tapped in
  • Mr Choo gave me the quotation from dance vendors for selection
  • Printing auntie confirming that letter to parents that needs to be distributed
  • Signing invoices for the payment lady
  • given a stack of students' notification to be given to the different P1 teachers
  • VP asking about the National Geographic Magazine project that i was working on
it was like everyone in the office wanted a piece of me in that brief 5 minutes in there....wahahahha.....

1040am - went to the design room to collect my previously laminated science posters and made a request for some designing to be done for my news board on the ARTs scenes in Singapore. My little new project.... informing those who read the board on the type of performance that's available in Singapore.... =)

1115am - lunch

1pm - P4 science class....started teaching.... =) ..... so happy...

2pm - free period used to do relief

230pm - free period used to do P1 and P4 buddying for recess

3pm - free period ued to do extra canteen duty

330pm - in class with P1 kiddos, while the kiddos are doing some diagnostic math worksheet, i tried to clear the P1 mental cupboard in class..... super scary.... tons of rubbish and the whole thing was in a mess.... through away a whole big dustbin full of stuff and the cupboard is still 5/6 full of rubbish.... guess i will just clear some everyday for the next one week bah...

5pm - finally my first real FREE period of the day.... just slacked at my place... too tired to move.... too angry to do anything also... hate it when ppl add on to my stuff and try to make it into a us stuff.... i'm selfish.... just let me do my things my way....

530pm - back with the P1 to learn how to sing the school song in the hall

630pm - dismissal

am glad that the week came to an end.... a very bad week.... sort of regreted my decision to be 'retained' in P1....should have just follow up with last year's class...i miss them so much.... they listen, they understand, they are on the ball.... and i believe i will definitly have more art classes than now and i definitely dun have to do science... =( seems that it's gonna be a bad year for me....

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