Thursday, January 5, 2012

Term 1 Week 1, Thursday

Term 1 Week 1, Thursday

i seldom blog about my work... but after having tons of fun reading the forum "Singapore Teachers Overworked" at , i decided to try to detail my daily doing in school.... just for fun.... =P 

845am - reached school - just in time for CCA dance ... selected cca leaders to help with making announcement, mark attendance and collect consent forms, did 45 minutes of dance practice with them....

1010am - getting materials ready to meet art vendor 2 for discussion

1030am - meet vendor number 2

1140am - lunch

1155am - collate the list of pupils against the namelist to identify pupils who did not hand in their books yesterday

1230pm - 'chit chatted' with P over my timetable as it is really shitty.... into my 4th year as an art coordinator, i m only given 1 class of art.... so it's not possible for me to go for my qualifying art teacher course given that i'm teaching science this year...which means my next year timetable will be equally shitty cos i m still not qualify to have more art periods because i din get to go for the qualifying course again this year..... it's just a vicious cycle... =(

1pm - in class with P1 kiddos
  • temperature taking exercise
  • collecting books from those who did not hand in yesterday
  • collecting books that are due today
  • collect PTM forms and kids' read form
  • collect health booklet
230pm - hall for buddying

3pm - free period used for extra canteen duty 

330pm - control room duty to play national anthem and school song on repeats for the P1

430pm - free period used to prepare science worksheets and photocopy P4 class list 

530pm - science lesson with P4 kiddos

630pm - dismissal

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