Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Term 1 Week 1, Wednesday

Term 1 Week 1, Wednesday

i seldom blog about my work... but after having tons of fun reading the forum "Singapore Teachers Overworked" at , i decided to try to detail my daily doing in school.... just for fun.... =P  

1045am - reached school

11am - lunch

1115am - cca admin 
  • obtain VP's signature on consent form
  • print consent form
  • confirm combine dance training schedule with morning session dance teacher-in-charge
  • plan the schedule and duty for SYF rehearsal 

12nn - contact time

145pm - brief P4 dancers on training schedule and give out consent form for practice starting tmr

2pm - in class with P1 kiddo - conduct temperature taking exercise...yes, 30 minutes is needed to get 29 P1 pupils to collect their thermometer, use their thermometer correctly, write down their temperature accurately in their handbooks, wash their thermometers and to return their thermometers

230pm - in the hall with the P1 to be paired up with their P4 buddy - had to make use of the waiting time to collect $3.70 for their handbooks. And of the 29 pupils, only 21 have to remind the remaining 8 one-by-one to bring the money tmr

3pm - free period used to do canteen duty ... will have to have extra canteen duty everyday for the first 2's in the P1 form teacher package de.... hahahha 

330pm - free period to enjoy some food....  

4pm - free period - created some deco stuff for classroom notice board

5pm - in class with P1 kiddos, give out PTM form and kids' read form, collect the 4 books (report book, sketchbook, math workbook and exercise book) which i requested for yesterday 

530pm - in the hall to practice the route (back gate or front gate) to take for dismissal as a few P1 kiddos went 'missing' from yesterday dismissal.... they just have the ability to not follow the line in front and wonder off on their own halfway ... lined up with the back gate but ended up at the front gate and panicky parents yelling at the teachers when they dun see their precious at the correct gate...=( 

630pm - dismissal

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