Saturday, March 10, 2012



my current favourite game on ipod touch is this game called 'drawsomething'..... since mr ang has gotten his galaxy note, i gotten the sole custody of the ipod touch which was bought using LDS 2 years ago..... being a catty person, i will only download games which are free.... hee....and this (free) game has gotten me hooked since 2 to 3 days ago.... would stay up till 1am, 2am just to play the game (that's when all the other players are more 'active') eventhough there's work the next day lo....

just to share a brainless cheating method.... if u encounter a pix that u can't guess and u run out of bomb to remove unnecessary letters and u r catty like me (one who dun use $$$ to buy game credits) then what u can do is

(1) take down all the letters that was provided
(2) log off from the game
(3) login the game again
(4) compare the new letters provided with those in (1) ...then u will be abe to shortlist the letters to be used for the correct answer...=)

altenatively, you can use ( to help u...  ;P

tumblr of others'drawing for this game.... (

my current highest record is only 51 and increasing (i hope) .... and currently playing with 11 ppl at the same time.... my nick is do add me if u r in the game too oh....=)

well, this game brings back memory of once my favourite show.... "Win, Lose or Draw"....

(too young peeps wun know bout this...oopx....did i reveal my age again????....wahahahhaa).....

used to be so amazed with the caricatures of the host and the participants shown at the beginning of the show and remembered the times when i would pretend to be the participants and kneel in front of the tv to guess what the participants are drawing..... but i remember that the answers are usually some 'chiem' phrases or famous ppl which i don't basically, i just enjoyed the show without understanding why certain drawings led to certain answers....heeee.....

2 of my drawings: 

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