Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freebie from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Freebie from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Popped by taiwan tourism bureau to collect my freebie yesterday afternoon before attending A is for Art camp 2012 at ACM.... 

Taiwan Tourism Bureau is located at Chevron House, #10-01. Once you exit from raffles mrt station exit B, look left for a super long escalator leading to level 3 for the office lobby where you will need to change a photo id for a temporary pass to pass thru the gantry to the lift... 

the whole process was extremely fast and hassle free... i had read from the hardwarezone travel forum that i need to provide 2 proofs of travel..... a hotel confirmation and a air ticket printout in order to redeem the freebie ....... but forgetful me only printed out the air tickets....so last minute, took a photo of the email confirmation with my digital camera and was really grateful that the lady at the counter accepted it as the second proof of travel without any complains.... =) 

the good thing is, u can claim freebie on behalf of everyone whose name is listed on the proofs without any authorisation letter...=) 

the freebie this time round is

open it up and you will see this

most value item is
since we have 4 ppl going on the trip = we have 4 of this card = we can surf net on mr ang's galaxy note for 4 out of the 7 days that we are in taiwan....woohooo.... each card allows 24 hours of internet access.... =) ....
but instruction is in traditional chinese characters.....cant really make out how to activate it....wahahaha.... but taiwan ppl are all so friendly, i m sure we will definitely have no problem in getting the minsu ppl or the cabby or any 7-11 staff to help us with it de... =) 

total of 4 cups of hot cuppuccino and 4 cups of slurpee to be redeemed too...=)

the rest of the coupons are discounted items such as ice-creams, snacks, drinks, beer, bowl instant noodles etc etc

any one need this mask???? think it only cost $9 for a box of 10 after discount... =) .... me gonna buy back a few boxes for myself... heee

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Dave said...

What a fun read - with good details on the freebies, Candy.

Thanks for sharing! :-)