Sunday, March 25, 2012

ilight Marina Bay 2012

ilight Marina Bay 2012 

while surfing the net for activities regarding earth day to share with my fellow mobsters at a facebook event which i had created, i chanced upon this ilight display at Marina Bay.... so decided this was to be our weekly date activity for this week, Term 2 Week 1... =) 

there are also workshops and on-the-spot competitions costing $4 to $10 per participant. To know more info of all the programs, activities, performances, just download the festive guidebook.. =) 

we din take part in any of the activity as i was too shy.... but i saw that by checking into facebook at ilight, you get to do some of the activities for free.... do check it out...=) 

we took the train to promenade station and started our hunt for the displays at the entrance of the helix
 it's actually my first time at the helix lo....

our target, or should i say my target, was to see all 31 displays but due to long distance, we clocked only 19 of them in 2 hours... i was sticky from the humidity, thirsty and my feet were hurting from all the walking.... =( 

out of the 19 that we saw, only some were really cool and interesting and me gonna only share the interesting ones here... =) 

no. 18 - Garden of Light
we were very lucky to catch the show time at 815pm...we just happened to be at the best place (the helix) at the right time .... it's a 2 - 3 minutes video of beautiful landscapes of flowers (orchids, sunflowers, dandelions), butterflies, clouds etc etc projected on the exterior of the ArtScience Museum....

no. 19 - fancy/lightweight
LED wires attached to pillars which ends up looking like string curtains.... heee..... close enough for viewers to touch the wires too... =) short fat fingers playing with the wires as if there were the strings of a 古筝..... heee taking a break and taking a pic...

no. 24 - megapov
was surprised to see a single coloured beam as a display... was even more surprised to see people around it repeatedly shaking their heads or shaking their cameras while trying to take a pix of it.... so i followed.... monkey see, monkey do mah..... and WOAH!!!! 

this is what i saw
super cool siah!!!! 
pix stolen from the main website as it's impossible to get it using my snap & go camera la.... 

us in front of no.4 - bibigloo (looks like an orange igloo)
nothing interesting about this actually.... post it up cos got both of us.... heee..... 

no. 25 - deck journey
there were just too many ppl on these seats (8 of them) that we didnt even get the chance to be near it nor hear the soundscape that any of them was emitting...=(.... stolen pic again

no. 6 - classification pending
it's drew inspiration from creature first you have to read the wordings projected by light beams for the storyline then look out for the creature that is projected in the water
it was very difficult to get a pic of the complete creature as it would 'dive' into the water before my brain and finger could coordinate to press the shuttle button in time...i gave up after 10 minutes.... =( 

no. 7 - light of the merlion
did the artist paint over our merlion????
well, this was the 'artist' that was vandalising our merlion on 24 march 2012 at approx 930pm.... hahahaha.... can watch the loop-sided video here

this display was my favourite cos viewers like us got to be involved in the outcome of the light display and the technology involved is really super amazing lo....

what this girl did was to select the colours from the left and 'paint' them onto the merlion on the screen and the colours which she chose would then be projected onto the solid merlion.... damn cool right??? 

the queue to be the 'artist' for the merlion was super long as each 'artist' could take up to 5 minutes or more.... 

am wondering should we pop by again next weekend to view the remaining 12 which we missed out today leh.... =I...the display will only be up till next sunday, 1 april...and no, it's not an aprils' fool joke..... =P

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