Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clay Illustration

Clay Illustration Workshop

instead of engaging vendors to conduct the clay module for all P4 pupils as per last year, our own P4 art teachers will have to conduct it this year due to a lack of funds .... which means all P4 art teachers will have to attend a 2 hours Clay Illustration workshop by our vendor

since i was free and always enjoy art courses, i joined in as well eventhough i am not a P4 art teacher this year....

cute samples

Objective of the course:
(1) What is Jumping Clay?

(2) How to obtain more colours from the basic 7 colours?
well, we were given a colour chart with the mixing ratio and hands-on session to create any of the colours on the chart... =)

about there la ah.... heee...

i made quite a few others and with all the blob blobs, i made a caterpillar... =)

the interesting thing about this particular type of clay is that we have to create the different parts by itself and only join them together when they are semi dry....too wet, the clay will stick to each other and cant be separable into the different colours after that...too hard and they wun stick..... 

well, i gotten too engrossed in making the second item till all the parts dried up.... the end, have to use ulu glue to stick them tog.... as ulu glue takes a while to dry.... the blob blobs rolled around and left ugly stains on each other..=(

second item which we made was a 3 tier cake....all these products are actually very small....
look how small it is between my fingers.... imagine the level of difficulty when we put together the different parts....

Instructor's, mine and 3 other colleagues' 2 hours of hard work....

from the top

really love this type of clay for its vibrant colours and the ease in using it.... not as sticky and smelly as paper clay or has a very sweet jasmine smell in fact.... there's no need to heat it up in the kiln, neither do we need to paint it to add colours

the only's very expensive... it cost $4.90 for 50g... =(

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