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Super hectic Term 2

Super hectic Term 2

finally have time to do my blog.... the last few weeks were really kind of hectic.... actually the whole of term 2 is crazy for me.... look at the things i have this term above all the teaching and marking the weekly meetings - P1 level meeting, science core department meeting, aesthetic co-core department meeting.... =S

Week 2 - 
(1) A is for Art Camp for teachers - a 2 day workshop as detailed here and here.... 

(2) conducted an hour long art sharing for the aesthetic dept members with Ain.....principal sat in the meeting too...=S... 3 hands-on activities and plenty of laughters and positive feedback received.... =) 

(3) Professional Learning Committee (PLC) - selected to head one of the professional learning committee...decided to kill two birds with one stone...using the art challenge for (1) as the project for PLC too.... =) 

(4) P2 & P6 art bazaar
arrowed Aster (P2 Art rep) to be in-charge (oopx) but as the art coordinator, must provide 'guidance' to the newbie planner and also must still help out in the logistic too.... and most imptly, be around to help out on the actual day......and woohoo....the kids made $151.70 in one hour selling their artworks and conducting hands-on art lesson on papyrus kraft..... =D

some of the craft which were sold by the P6 pupils

Happy customers at the Papyrus Booth prepared and managed by the P2s

Week 3 - 
(4) SYF full day rehearsal (mon) + competition (tue)
received a silver...an improvement from the bronze in 2010... but greedy me wanted a gold.....wahahaha..... but the kids are really happy with the silver..... celebration with lots of junk food time... =) 

(5) Teachers' day committee meeting
finally out of musical committee after 3 years and my first time heading a event committee....=).... have very efficient ppl in my team .... confirmed the list of activities and the duty list for all....am very confident that it's gonna be a celebration that kills many many birds.... tying in with art department to make teachers' day gift, tying in with PE department to have one hour of Fitness Health Movement for the teachers, tying in with Character Education dep to have model pupils presenting their teachers with a token of thanks, tying in with drama club to have a comedy relating to teachers and classroom teaching, tying in with Prefectorial Board for the planning and execution of the combine concert, working with Staff Welfare Committee for the one hour bonding session for teachers..... i love this committee of mine.... tons of workable ideas that do not need extra work to be done....hahaha.....

Week 4 - 
(6) science paper vetting
means have to finish setting 30 MCQ and 14 open-ended question by vetting date.... and science questions are so tedious to set cos need to draw tons and tons of charts and diagrams and graphs and need to search for cliparts of animals and plants etc.... one diagram can easily take up 20 to 30 minutes

(7) went for a jumping clay art competition briefing...ain is interested in it as the whole P4 level is creating art with jumping clay this term but she was not free to attend it and arrowed me to attend on her behalf.... 

(8) went to IMAX to watch Coral Reef Adventure (Free)
privilege of being a teacher.... =) ... 

(9) selection of pupils for the Art challenges

Week 5 
(10) celebration treats (pizza + kfc) for the modern jazz dancers to reward them for their hard work and achievement in SYF 2012... total damage = $120+, luckily have 2 teacher-in-charge so only a $60 hole in my pocket....=S

these are my P4 dancers

(11) Art Challenge 1 on composite creatures for the selected pupils 

Week 6 

(12) English lesson observation by RO 
supposed to be in week 5 but was postponed by RO as she suddenly recalled that she would not be in school on the day of the observation one week before the observation ... >.

managed to move the lessons around so that i can still conduct the same activity so there's no need to redo the lesson plan.. =) ... and is really 不幸中的大幸, VP supposed to sit in during the lesson observation de but she's not in school the whole of week 6...woohoo.... =).... 50% stress level gone... hahaha.... 

(13) Art challenge 2 on colours for the selected pupils 

(14) P1, P3 and P4 Art Bazaar...selling cards and paper flowers for.... 

mother's day card with designs made with paper quilling technique by the P3 pupils.  

paper flowers by the P1 pupils 

made another $259.30, totalling $411 from the 2 days of art bazaar this term.... woohoo.... =)...i m officially the 'cheat kids' money' chairperson ....  

Week 7 - 

(15) Art challenge 3 on shapes & patterns for the selected pupils 

(16) Professional Learning Committee meeting 

(17) Asian Civilisation Museum Trip for Art Challenge pupils 

Week 8 -
(18) Art challenge 4 - closure + introduction to chair challenge 

Week 9 -
(19) Printing of exam paper
Yes, i'm in a very interesting school where the teachers who set the exam paper has to help in the printing and packing of exam paper themselves as the school believes that the responsibility of the setter includes getting the TOS, setting the paper, getingt the paper level vetted,  HOD vetted and P vetted,  to print, collate and finally pack the exam papers.... of cos the printing, collating and packing was done with the help of the printing aunty la.... 

(20) A is for Art 2012 - Mid point Sharing 

(21) Marking of P4 SA1 Science paper 
been 3 years since i teach any core subjects other than those at P1...totally lost touch on how level marking is like and how tiring and confusing it can be... took 9 of us, p4 teachers, more than 3 hours to mark 220+ sets of science booklet B which consist of only 14 questions.... =S

Week 10 - 
(22) 2 days of Parents - Teacher - Conference:
       Day 1 - morning shift - 9am to 1pm
       Day 2 - night shift - 530pm - 920pm 

one of the times when i'm glad i'm a school teacher is during PTC..... i cant imagine myself being someone holding on a desk bound position lo... my back was aching so badly from sitting down and talking non-stop for the 4 hours each day.... =S .... 

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