Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mr Ang and the 2 princesses

Happy Birthday to Mr Ang, Snowy & Brownie

It's amazing how three quarter of the living things in home sweet home have the exact same birth day.... 10 May.... Mr Ang is 24 while the two princesses are 1.... =) 

although Mr Ang is definitely more important but it was more fun planning the birthday celebration for the 2 princesses.... oopx.... even our dinner place was planned to be at Doggiestyle Cafe at Nex so that we could buy specially baked doggie birthday cake for the princesses from Bow Wow West .... =D

initially wanted to bring the princesses along when i read that there were  playgrounds for the dogs to play in but as it was also Mr Ang's birthday, dun wanna him to be running all around with the pups and cleaning up after them ... we also wanted to check out the place first to make sure it's a suitable place for our princesses to pay a visit ... =P 

initially also wanted to bathe them in the morning so that they will look pretty and clean in their birthday photos but then thinking that they would dirty themselves again while gobbling down their birthday cake, i decided to bathe them after their feast instead.... 

anyway, meet Mr Ang at Nex and went in search of Doggiestyle Cafe at level 4.... but we were rather disappointed in what we saw from the outside of the cafe.... it's a very small place and there were only about 2 tables of customers inside.... dosen look welcoming at all... and as it was Mr Ang's birthday as well, i do feel abit cheapo if i would to treat him to a dinner at the cafe la.... but we will definitely bring our princesses there one day.... and more so after reading this blog about the place.... it does seems fun... maybe we should go on weekday lunch when there is a bigger crowd.... =D

We ended up at Ajisen Gourmet Town cos the queue at Paradise inn was at least half an hour... =( 

Butter scallops as appetizer 

Salmon cheese stone rice for him

宫保鸡丁 stone rice for me... really yummy.... although i was full 3/4 into the meal... i insisted on finishing the whole bowl of rice with the salad and the miso soup.... =D 

Birthday cake for Snowy & Brownie.... one of the cream flowers at the edge got destroyed during the journey home... =( ... cost $6.10 from US Doggie Bakery who have a counter in Bow Wow West (Super Big Pet's Supply Shop) @ level 4 nex.... 

Half a cookie and half a cake each... =)  

"Hmmm, what's this yellow thing in my bowl? I want my biscuits and meat meat!" thought Brownie. 

"Sniff Sniff Sniff," sniffed Snowy. 

Maybe the cake was a little too big for the two princesses... so i cut it into smaller pieces to see if they would eat it
from this angle, machiam like durians lo.... wahahahaha.....and still the pups did not gobble them up.... ='( 

"Why doggies no likey cake?" thought a very disappointed Mr Ang. 

I guess the novelty was more to excite dog owners than the dog themselves bah... ='( .... i gave up after 20 minutes... in the bin the cake went.... and back in their bowl were their usual biscuits and meat meat.... which they happily gobbled up... =D

guess sometimes we buy thing for people (dogs) thinking that they will like or worse love it only to be disappointed at the lukewarm respond.....  lesson for the day.... dun do extra + dun have too high expectation + dun trust personal opinion or ideas on what others may like .... wahahahaha.... 

anyway, gotten a wallet for Mr Ang as his birthday present.... think it's the first time he ever received a 'punctual' birthday gift from me... last year's birthday gift was 4 months belated.... wahahaha... me really is no good with buying gift but it was easier to get him a gift this year cos the state of his wallet is really 惨不忍睹.... 

it was a valentine day present for 2010.... 2.25 years of staying in his back pocket and his bad habit of keeping alot of receipts and cards in his wallet really hastened the 'deformation' process of the wallet... 

actually, I had bought 2 male wallets when i went shopping with lene the other day and the one which Mr Ang chose was not the one which I like more lo.... =S

the one i preferred was actually this one below

i like the flip to the side kind instead of the flip up kind and this one has more card compartments... =D 

but nvm, this went to 洪爸爸, his birthday is 3 days before Mr Ang's... =)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,
Thanks for mentioning =) I found your blog through a pingback. I'm sorry for the disappointment, but yup, you can choose a day when there are more people/doggies, or even join their membership for events for both pets and pet owners! That'll be more lively. :)