Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Scrapbooking

Wedding Scrapbooking 

Wedding photos with friends and relatives were supposed to be on the wall as shown here but due to the law of gravity, it has become like this in recent months... the blu tack just aren't strong enough..... =(....

and since PTL has already bought me my scrapbook materials as promised, i decided to SLOWLY transfer the photos into the scrapbook... =)

With the help of this scrapbook guide 
which i gotten from popular at only $14.90 two to three years back 

and all the stickers and the 有的没得

These Beautiful Pages Were Created!!!!

will try to do the rest 'soon'....when the scrapbooking mood comes though.... which can sometimes take quite a while.... the wedding was last jan.... the board was up last november.... only started the scrapbooking today.....hmmm..... u do the math bah..... wahahaha..... 

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