Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Danshui + Lovers' Bridge

Day 6 - Danshui + Lovers' Bridge 
(17 June 2012) 

The sunniest day of all....so to danshui we went.... 

while @  淡水老街,  洪爸爸 photobombed us when 洪妈妈 was off at one of the shops buying fruits and biscuits.... =P 

nothing much at  淡水老街.... kind of disappointed... =S   

 off to Fisherman's wharf on bus R26 (15 minutes bus journey) after a quick round at 淡水老街.... 

very considerate feature on their bus... 


两对洪情人... =*

great for the hot weather but not nice de.... =( ... too icey kind... i prefer the creamy kind of mac.... 

the owner dyed its ears greenish-blue

decided to have our portraits drawn by one of the street artists .... NT$100 (S$4.30) per head for the A4 size.... and NT$200 per head for the A3 size.... 

We saw that it was charged at S$38 per head at clarke quey lo... our 2 heads in one portrait only cost NT$400 (S$17.30) 

THE artist

a very good boy who maintained his signature smile throughout the 20 minutes

Mr Ang looks quite cute without his crooked teeth hor??? braces time.... =) 

i was the 'cant sit still' one.... "角度又歪了噢" the artist repeated at least 3 - 5 times .... and even foretold me that my picture may not look like me... hahaha..... but i really can't keep my smile on and eyes opened for the entire 20 minutes lo.... facial muscles so 酸, sun rays shining into my eyes and sweat dripping down everywhere... =S 

洪爸爸 and 洪妈妈 luv luv their portraits oh....they said make them look like qing han and zhen zhen oh..... =D   

cancelled the trip to the National Palace as we were all too tired from just sitting down and having our portraits drawn in the "shade".... 

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