Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 4 of kuching - Semenggoh Natural Reserve

Day 4 of kuching - 
Semenggoh Natural Reserve

45 minutes drive away from our hotel and we reached 

greeting us at the carpark was mama orang utan with her baby

a short walk into the reserve where the feeding platform is....feeding time was from 9am - 10am..... and bananas were placed on the feeding platform to attract the wild orang utans living in the nearby areas  .... not that successful as only 2 came forward.... =S

look up and there's another 2 orang utans

picking up the bananas for breakfast... =D

left orang utan: Can i have some?
right orang utan: No! Go take it yourself. 

the area also housed 3 crocodiles 

and one of which yawned at us.... 
what a white mouth u have... =D 

random butterfly found on the ground 

the rangers took note of newborn orang utans and issued birth certificate for them...=) 

orang utans go to school too.... 

another random butterfly with an injured wing.... Mab is so not going to this place  

pitcher plant 

wild bamboo orchid along the road 

brown ferns that looks like a millipede --> sap is good for curing boils with pus ....wonder if it's good for pimples too.... heee

green fern when boiled in water is good for mothers during confinement 

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