Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gold Ecological Park (Jinguashi)

Day 2 - Gold Ecological Park
(13 June 2012)

first thing i did when i woke up at 8am was to draw the curtain and the weather made me go on repeat mode, "it's a sunny day....yeah yeah!!!" and forced Mr Ang to wake up wake up WAKE UP!!! 

surprise breakfast that was hung outside our room at around 8am 

luv the hot milk tea and ham + sunny side up sandwich...yum yum yum!! 

ready for day 2

the super big temple with the only official carpark near our 民宿 

our 民宿老板 called at approx 9am to offer his free transport service around 九份.... so nice of him right??? .... helped us save $$$$... heee

1st stop: Gold Ecological Park (黄金博物馆)
10 minutes drive away from jiufen old street...can take bus 1013 from the opposite side of 7-11 at 九份老街 too...payment of bus fare can be made thru easycard (something like our ezlink which can be top up at 7-11) 

water cooler... likey likey.... help us to save money on buying mineral water....  民宿  provided us with 4 bottles per room too... =)    

so sad.... we din get to touch the 220kg gold bar inside this exhibit hall.... awwww.....  no wonder no need to pay entrance fee... 

洪妈妈 playing with the antique phone

video on the history of the gold mine 

a 12 minute animation on the life of a gold miner 

ancient mining tools

Mr Ang is the gold which i mined.... 

NT$50 (S$2.20) per person to visit Benshan 5th tunnel 

still need declaration one wor.... 

helmet for safety...the blue blue thing on Mr Ang's head is for hygiene purpose (like like...very thoughtful of them)...mine is well hidden by the helmet...  

traces of gold somewhere which i cant see...=S 

in case of explosions

the temperature in the tunnel was a cooling 18 degree Celsius and the tunnel was dripping with water due to the heavy downpour the day before...  interesting experience

豆花 at NT$30 (S$1.30) per bowl ....so so only.... confirm cannot be compared to our pudding kind of  豆花   

forgetful me forgot to keep track of the time and missed the gold-panning session at 1130am by 6 minutes.... the next session would be at 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm (the previous one was at 1030am).... uber upset la.... =S .... we had other plans for the afternoon liao so have to forgo the chance to mine for some gold lo.... haix.....

so do remember to check out and remember the schedule from any of the helpful attendances there 

beautiful scenery along the way....

within the compound is also the Japanese Crown Prince chalet

Taiwan was once under the rule of the Japanese and it was the Japanese who made the gold mining industry boomed. This chalet  was built to receive the crown prince then but who did not turn up even once....such a waste of resources!!!

called the minsu boss again to give us a ride to Ruifang train station and along the way, he pointed out the 阴阳海 

and we drove by 黄金瀑布 again....since the weather was fine, we alighted and took a group photo together....  

minsu boss left us at the train station and recommended us to have our lunch at 美食街 before heading to shifen (十份)

while 洪爸爸 and 洪妈妈 had 菜饭, Mr Ang and I had teppanyaki

we only ordered the pepper pork and fried egg... the bean sprout and kang kong were free.... it came with 2 bowl of rice and a bowl of white carrot soup....cost us NT$120 (S$5.20) 
highly recommended by minsu boss... Mr Ang bought 2... 

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