Wednesday, June 20, 2012

庙口夜市 + 九份茶屋

Day 2 - 庙口夜市 + 九份茶屋
(13 June 2012) 

From Ruifang train station, we took bus 1013...the bus stop is just beside the "ok mart" outside the train station...alight one stop before the keelung bus terminal 

we are the kind who can't survive on 夜市 food for a proper meal....  so before we ventured into the 夜市, we had dinner at 

most of the ingredients were new to us so we din dare to pick too much... din expect it to be so delicious lo.... the gravy very very yummy

庙口夜市 - our first 夜市 on the trip   

as keelung was near the port, there's alot of seafood...which is the   uniqueness of this  夜市    

洪家母子 enjoying a plate of 耗煎

Mr Ang's favourite..=)  


this one also his favourite... it's 1000cc = 1 litre....  of cos we couldn't finish it la...  

洪妈妈 bought 7 packets of sour plum.... think she paid NT$500 (S$22) for all.... which i took one pack.... yummy 

洪爸爸 bought a CD...the only thing he bought on this trip

along the way to the bus stop 

here's a tip... walk towards keelung bus terminal to board the bus at the first bus stop to secure a seat.... it's a 40 minutes ride back to jiufen on bus 1013... and last bus back to jiufen from keelung is 930pm 
the driver switched off the main light and on the  'disco' night during the 15 minutes highway drive  

 most of the shops were already closed when we returned at approx 9pm 

洪妈妈  bought 3 packs of ginger tea cubes from this stall and  妈妈 gave us a pack.... really taste like the one we had at the batam spa.... yum yum also 

We decided to have supper at one of the tea houses so as to enjoy the famous 九份 scenery in the night

very peaceful feel right???
if only the cockroach did not appear a few times...... so who's the brave one who saved us from it leh??? of cos is 洪妈妈 la.... 

still have 一笼包子  

saw this at the entrance of the tea house... my current minsu with no view is NT$2000 per night lo... why i no find this during my research????? haix.... 

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