Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shifen Waterfall (十分大瀑布)

Day 2 - Shifen 瀑布
(13 June 2012)

bought train ticket at Ruifang station ... this ticket allows unlimited rides along the pingxi line

initially had plans to visit pingxi and jingtong too but minsu boss said no point visiting them cos most of the activities consolidate around 十分 station....and since we had limited time and planned to head to keelung miaokou market in the evening, we only visited 十分 lo.... now come to think of that, wouldn't a single trip ticket be cheaper then???....hmmmm..... i'm such a 死脑经 lo....haix..... 

anyway, do check with the ticket seller on the time of the train arrival as the interval can be up to an hour... can always shop around the shops outside ruifang station while waiting for the train to arrive though... 

we took the 2.07pm

and reached
which was 4 stops away from ruifang at about 230pm 

a super duper cute 站长 was at the station to receive us... =)  

this was outside one of the many many gift shops and yes, we will be 十分幸福  one 

another cute cute  站长   with the super antique mail box

since it's a R&R trip, it means to sit and rest and drink coffee at every opportunity.... Mr Ang's definition.... hahahaha 

nobody, absolutely nobody obey this law on not crossing the railway here ... (we were standing on the railway by the way) 

we decided to look for the famous 十分大瀑布 first... it's about a 20 - 25 minutes walk away 

school fences were also decorated with 天灯 designs

2 pretty hongkongers whom we took photos for using our camera....their camera battery went flat just when i tried to snap their photos for them... 

monkey see monkey do... 

no...this is not the one.... it was just one of the few miniatures along the way
another one partially hidden among the leaves 

we went dating on the rail like 沈佳宜 and 柯景腾 too.... heee....  

and finally we reached.....

洪爸爸 and 洪妈妈 is really one of the most loving couple in their age category..... they will be celebrating their PEARL wedding anniversary next sept oh... 

hairy caterpillar along the roadside 

my childhood.... heee

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