Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sky lantern @ shifen

Day 2 - 在十分放天灯
(13 June 2012)

we are greedy people.... so of cos choose the one with 4 colours la.... heee..... and on top of that, we added a string of fire crackers at an extra NT$50 ... total cost NT$200 (S$8.80) 

before we could finish, a whistle sounded and a train came choo-choo-choo-ing in everybody cleared the track  

and went back to continue what we were doing...=D

bye bye 天灯.... do bring all our wishes up up to the one up there oh.... 

before we head back to the train station, went into one of the shops to buy some 天灯 for friends to wish them all the happiness, health, wealth and 幸福 that they deserve.... =)  .... all at NT$50 (S$2.20) each

waiting for the train back to ruifang 


took bus 1013 from the bus stop outside ruifang station (just outside ok mart) to Keelung Night Market 

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